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A little over 12 months ago there was a question mark over whether the Rotary Club of Hutt City would continue. Given that the club has been in existence for 76 years and has undertaken copious numbers of projects in support of our community the idea of us ‘shutting up shop’ was not one that was acceptable to all involved. Yes we have seen a significant reduction in membership over the last 33 years that I have been a member but the quality of the projects we have undertaken has remained at a very high level in fact in many cases it could be argued that we have undertaken projects that have performed at a very high level indeed, Shapeshifter being just one example.

As I said at our recent change-over this 2017/18 year has been one of transition and indeed it is very important that we renew our commitment to the core values of Rotary and the sustainability of our club going forward.

To assist me in this process I have invited Cameron Tooley, Brian Ross, Mark Ngan Kee, together with Ex-President Bruce Gough and Secretary Bob Rowell to work with me as your board for 2018/19 to develop a strong platform that involves all our members and re-energises our club for the future.

Membership increase was one area that was strongly canvassed 12 months ago and it is pleasing that we have had some success in this area. Needless to say we must create an environment that not only encourages likely candidates but just as important provides each new member a worthwhile sense of community involvement and achievement. Success breeds success and people love being involved in successful activities in all walks of life.

I look forward to the next 12 months as your President and invite all our members to think how each and every one of you can contribute to making the Rotary Club of Hutt City a very successful club within the worldwide Rotary community.

Presidents Column – 76 years of Rotary history


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