Happiness is eating toasted marshmallows, especially on a chilly evening on the Wellington Waterfront.

As part of the Matariki celebrations in Wellington, more than 20 Hutt City Rotarians were kept frantically busy on the Wellington Waterfront on Friday 29 June. They loaded 12,000 marshmallows on to skewers and then helped more than 3,000 excited marshmallow participants toast their marshmallows around the eight braziers.

For two hours Rotarian, Linton Adams managed a queue stretching off into the darkness without (even once) being able to wipe the smile off his face.

Here’s what the satisfied public had to say. 

Mother of three... "Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event - this is what our community needs - the kids loved it"

From many a little more mature, but just as enthusiastic...  "Takes me back to camping as a kid - thoroughly enjoying it thank you'

Deane McMillan, who managed the exit from the brazier enclosure... "I have never had so many Thank You's in all my life"

Neil Manthel...  "Great to be part of such a wonderful event - my granddaughter loved helping"

Cameron Tooley... "Fantastic well organised event - thank you so much for letting us sell Beanies"

The Mayor of Wellington... "Star attraction of the event '"

Well done team - maybe we can do it again sometime.