Ted was a good friend, a Rotary mate, and a business associate. We were mutual customers. We shared the same birth date, and his son John and I worked together for 6 years in the motor industry I was lucky to have been Teds friend.
I, like so many of you here today was privileged to have known Ted and the positive influence that he was to so many of us .

In business and as a Rotarian Ted was easily liked with that friendly smile, hugely respected and admired for his loyalty . .
Time in your company Ted was always special, Your astute character was to be admired. You are going to be missed
Ted was a spontaneous people person. A great contributor at Rotary of which he was a member for 58 years. President in 1985/86 he was awarded the highest Rotary award of a Paul Harris Fellow in later years in recognition of his outstanding service. Ted liked helping people.
His life reflected the Rotary 4 way test of - Is it the truth. ( it suited him) - Is it Fair. - Will it build goodwill and friendships, - And will it be beneficial to others. 
His work with other Rotarians at the old Nansen House will always be admired. Amongst the many Rotary projects Ted was so involved. I recall being on committees with him when we raised money for a classroom for the blind in Samoa, being with him when the Club was meeting with refugees to help with employment opportunities. His keen interest in helping the Polynesian immigrant pupils at Randwick school with their reading .
Closer to home Teds smile sold many hundreds of raffle tickets as he ran the Rotary raffle at our weekly meetings. As a Director and President of our Rotary Club of Hutt City his unselfish hours of dedication and effort has to be admired.
You have been told to day of his love of boating. Some of his fishing stories were the only doubtful memory I have !
Our current Rotary president Charles Peterson who is with us today wishes to thank Ted for his amazing membership and congratulate him on being such a contributor to the Club and Community. Those fire side meetings with Wynn’s generous suppers were a highlight
Together with his many community interests, his executive time as an associate member of The New Zealand Companies Secretaries , his chairmanship of Waiwhetu School Board, and his management contribution with Hutt Valley High and the boys Water Ski Club are memorable. Ted was a dedicated community contributor.

As a businessman Ted was a true executive who went out of his way to make sure customer and staff were respected and valued. The long term tenure of his staff at the Hutt News was testament to his management. The assistance and goodwill we experienced as an advertising client of the Hutt News was a reflection of Ted’s attitude of good management and co operation.
Under Teds management the HUTT NEWS was, and continues to be, the voice of the Hutt Valley. A news paper that supports the community and responsibly show cases the future.
Ted did have a competitive side, often tinged with is good sense of humour.
We shared the same April birthdate, and there seemed to be a need to be first to wish each other happy birthday. I recall my earliest greeting was 6.30 AM ---- Yes he was first.
Teds morning visits to my office for a coffee and chat were always welcomed. As the caring Father and family man he was there was always the casual enquiry as to how ( then) young John was developing. Ted never missed a beat.

God speed Ted.