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We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8.30 am. Visitors are most welcome.
Rev Rob Petrini
Dec 20, 2023
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David Percy, Pertronic Industries
Feb 07, 2024 7:00 AM
The manufacture of fire detection and alarm systems
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Club Stories
Rotary Hutt City (RHC) has launched an innovative form of relationship for businesses and other organizations, known as ROTABIZ. This initiative aims to bring together RHC, one of 46,000 + Rotary clubs worldwide working to bring about change in our communities, and organizations looking for ways that they and their staff can participate in doing good in Hutt City.
At a recent ROTABIZ event, a founding corporate member described its motivation for participation in the following terms:
"We had found it a challenge to identify worthwhile projects that made a real difference in our community. Rotary is a footprint to many effective projects.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a buzz word. Now more than any other time, it is likely that a strategy for CSR is a requirement when tendering on larger contractual work. A ROTABIZ - Business for good - membership provides access to all of Rotary projects and offers community engagement in a fun and informal way, staff development through their involvement in projects and promises business relationships that potentially improve “the bottom line”.
There is nothing like a bunch of like minded companies - a coalition of the willing- getting together to improve our community and at the same time creating business opportunities between us.
The ROTABIZ website (https://rotabiz.nz/) for Corporate members allows users to communicate in real time. It's also great for reporting on new business opportunities which benefit other ROTABIZ members.
Lastly, there are personal development opportunities which Rotary offers our young leaders through youth development programs." 
We were pleased to partner with Farrah's Breads of Upper Hutt to support the work of the Nourish Trust, a local charity that provides food hampers to families across the Wellington Region for Christmas. The Farrah's team hosted a large group of Hutt City Rotarians, partners and supporters for a tour of their state of the art wraps and pizza base-making facility and supplied breakfast to follow. 
This collaboration involving Rotary, local businesses and a local charity is yet another example of the benefits of our strategy of linking up businesses and charities to support families in our community.
Following the loss of a friend and family member to suicide at age 19, Rotary Hutt City was approached for support with a mental health awareness festival.
The club welcomed the opportunity to assist with tackling this challenging problem, and provided funding to defray the costs of the inaugural festival in 2022 and a second event in 2023. Club members and friends also assisted at the 2023 festival.
The festivals feature live music, and talks about mental health. Profits are donated to mental health charities. 
Eighty years ago, the Rotary Club of Hutt City was established. Since then, the Club has been a major force for good in the Hutt Valley, supporting a wide range of community projects and establishing other Rotary clubs and Probus groups.
On 1 July, we celebrated this record of accomplishment. We also welcomed a new President, Andy Soper, whose term runs for the next 12 months. Andy was 'knighted' by outgoing President Gaylene.
In the early 2000's, the Great Harbour Way Coalition was formed, initially by a group of cycling and walking enthusiasts and later with the enthusiastic support of Hutt City Rotarians and other clubs from across the region. The goal of the Coalition was to advocate for the creation of a continuous pathway for cyclists and walkers around the entire length of the foreshore of Wellington Harbour.
(Great Harbour Way Coalition supporters, including Allan Brown (2nd from left), former chair of the Coalition and Linton Adams (far right), not Hutt City Rotarians)
While work proceeded on other sections of the pathway, the missing link remained the Petone-Ngauranga section. This would always be the most challenging and expensive element, incorporating as it does both a 5 metre-wide pathway and protection for the adjoining rail track.
At a launch event on 16 March, the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Michael Wood, accompanied by the Lower Hutt and Wellington Mayors, the Chair of the Regional Council and other dignitaries, celebrated the commencement of construction of Te Ara Tupua; the Petone-Ngauranga seaside path.
The pathway will link with the existing Petone-Melling section and the full Hutt River Trail. It is expected to be completed in 2026.
With strong support of businesses from across the Hutt Valley and Wellington, RHC has held another successful bowls event to raise funds to improve the resilience and wellbeing of young people. Eighteen teams competed for the winners' trophy, while raffles, spot prizes and the opportunity to dress up added to the fun.
The charities benefitting from the event were:
  • Ignite Wellbeing - an online platform providing access to resources and workshops and mental health and wellbeing coaches.
  • Get Comfy - bringing young people together with live music, creating a community that is supportive and comfortable with talks around mental health.
  • Billy Graham Youth Foundation - teaching youth life lessons and increasing well being amongst the local youth community.
  • PunchFit - teaching youth life lessons and increasing well being amongst the local youth community.