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We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8.30 am
Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club
Military Rd
Lower Hutt,  5010
New Zealand
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Club News
(This is an except from an article that appeared in Rotary DownUnder, April 2020 - for the full article, go to the IYM section above​​​​​​​)
In 2016, Rotary Hutt City was looking for a new project that positively impacted young people and bought an economic benefit to the region. In consultation with schools, the business community and research organisations it was clear there was a need for greater diversity in the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, maths and high-tech manufacturing)sector where women are woefully underrepresented. 
Rotary Hutt City partnered with Hutt City Council and Innovative Young Minds, a local programme for 40 young women in year 11 and 12 at school, was established.

Its aim—to encourage young women from diverse geographic, economic and cultural backgrounds to consider careers they may not know even exist!
These are demandingly unprecedented days!   Following on from our meeting and conversations yesterday as regards our fortnightly on-site breakfast meetings at Boulcott, your Board has today recognised and made the decision that with the COVID-19 virus and the wider responses being taken across the community, there is now need for us to act and formally postpone our scheduled Club breakfast meetings from today going forward.
Such a step is consistent with the Rotary advice now issued at district and national levels, that it is for the leadership within each club to consider and decide what is needed, and to act promptly.
The Tree of Joy has been a Rotary Hutt City project for a number of years and is a great way of involving the community who donate gifts that are distributed to local charities who in turn pass out the gifts to children aged 1-17 years from less fortunate families.
Our partner is the Salvation Army, who uplift the donated presents, sort them into age and gender categories and then pack them to each charity's requirements. The charities provide numbers of gifts they need to distribute to their families.
This year we ran the 'Tree' for 11 days prior to Christmas, finishing at 6.00 pm on Christmas Eve.  With 5-7 two-hour slots per day to ensure the Tree was manned at all times during Queensgate's opening hours it could have been a big ask to get volunteers, however the club members and friends readily signed up and we had the roster complete in no time.  
Club members enjoy the project and find it heart-warming hearing the stories of those who donate.  Some donate remembering their own tough childhoods, others donate to teach their children that not everyone is as fortunate as them, some collect presents throughout the year and bring them at one time.  The reasons are endless.

2019 was a year of growth and innovative projects for Rotary Hutt City.
Highlights included:
  • The fastest growth in member numbers of any Rotary club in the Hutt Valley
  • More than $42,000 raised and substantial grants made for community projects
  • Flagship Innovative Young Minds programme for female high school students goes national
  • First Silicon Valley visit for IYM students
  • Establishment of the IYM Charitable Trust in partnership with the Hutt City Council
  • Annual Tree of Joy project strongly supported by the community and results in record number of presents for distribution to children in the Valley
  • Major fundraising event for the Billy Graham Youth Foundation
  • Completion of tree planting at Taita Rock area of the Hutt River Trail